The IRONMAN and The Journey

Too often @IRONMAN is seen as the destination, the “end” of the journey resulting in success or failure, victory or defeat, happy or sad. But why is that the predominant view? Surely IRONMAN is a journey to discover something great about yourself, new strengths, weaknesses to be defeated and new processes and skills to learn and teach. Seeing races as end-states and not thorough planning and execution means you have that binary choice at the “end” – success or not, but if you see the process and delight in new skills and new opportunities for great and good then there is only one outcome and that must be pleasure through the pain and suffering and no matter how you measure it, you will have grown through it, learned from it and acquired new skills because of it: It being the race, the training, the fun, the aches, pains and pleasures. How many times did you see the sun rise and marvel once again at something so routine but something most people don’t see? How often a beautiful sunset  witnessed during a sublime run or even witnessing the chirp of dolphins as you swim in the sea. Truly this is the best IRONMAN experience you can have. Live through your experiences and love every minute with a  great smile. Smiling you Mountains of mis 2015know releases endorphins which make you feel good and happy, less stressed, so as part of training, dont forget to practice your smile! In a few weeks or months your IRONMAN will be done but you will be greater for it and stronger, more resilient and ready to lead the rest fo your life fitter, happier and just greater. Go for greatness, keep training because “Excellence is Inside YOU”. @dairoberts1

Planning for the IRONMAN in 2 weeks

Racing or completing that is the question and the answer determines the approach most likely to succeed for you or me the athlete @IRONMAN. Having the wrong mindset will likely end in more suffering than necessary and there is already plenty of that to go round! Deciding to race or compete happy is the choice that needs to be made early so that training is arranged to suit your goal, so that you finish happy and dont overacheive 🙂 But don’t think it’s all training: Nutrition and hydration are key for great health and great health equals a higher chance of success. But what is great nutrition and how much should you drink? Well we will cover these aspects in a later discussion as there is much that can help and much to go wrong. A great example is the risk of under-eating and cellular dehydration. Not getting enough is going to hurt your training and race prep, so “eat well, eat right“! So with 2 weeks to go to our event in the beautiful Lake Placid, NY. It is time to eat and drink to optimal levels, no plate unturned, no glass left full. But how about alcohol in these final weeks – minimise is the best advice. Tough I know when a man loves his Guinness and red wine, white wine…. you get the drift, just keep it down. Stress we know is the big killer both of goals and life itself so plan the details well, dont sweat what you can’t control and leave the rest to the execution. Remember no plan survives contact, so be ready to adjust, adapt and be smart. See you all soon.