BEMER and Mark – a short history part 3

Mark you will recall is a USMC vet with service in the 70s and we last chatted with Mark on Wednesday, well since then he has BEMERed twice and one time we placed the B-PAD across his abdomen and all night his innards gurgled, a sure sign that the BEMER special signal is doing its magic by enhancing circulation. So today (Thursday 22 Feb) Mark is off to play golf, the stale cigarette smoke stench is leaving him, his hair is neat and despite life’s stresses he is calmer and smiling. Skin looks so much better and the psychological effects of better health means he is walking upright, once more a proud Marine!

Today, Saturday, Mark came in for his daily BEMER session and i nearly fell off my chair, upright, no smell of cigarettes and smiling. I asked him how much sleep he had on Friday and his response, over 7 hours and I feel great! Mark is on the BEMER Basic Program week 3 of 10 weeks and his change is absolutely amazing. After 20 minutes on the BEMER today he sat up, swivelled around and jumped off and this is a man with spinal stenosis among other discomfort issues. So I stand amazed at his remarkable progress and am so excited to see what next week brings.

Value of your health cannot be underestimated, do not take health for granted, with a majority of people overweight, unhealthy, stiff and in discomfort, isnt it time for you to make that change and try BEMER therapy, it’s FREE with us for a number of sessions as we truly believe that the health benefits need to be available to all and NOW!

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A story of Mark – Part 2 with BEMER

Mark reported in as usual on Monday for some chat and a BEMER session as he is now on B-BODY Intensity 4 all week. He looks healthier, skin cleaner, smile broader and even more positive than usual. The big “waste dump” seems to be over now but we expect more as BEMER gets deeper into Mark’s innards!

Today which is Wednesday, Mark dropped in for his 1:30 BEMER session and looked pale. He mentioned that he was under a lot of stress about finances and so is very anxious and not sleeping well. We suggested a good BEMER session on L4 and with the B-PAD across his middle to help the his system flourish. I could see his colour changed quickly to a normal skin with some reddening as oxygen flowed and his overall outlook brightened up. After 2 B-PAD sessions on his back and legs he reported that he was much more content, falling asleep on the BEMER luckily while we ate lunch! Much more relaxed he left to play some golf and return again tomorrow, so we shall see how Mark is doing then.

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A story about Mark – From sick to healthy

Mark introduced himself to us years ago at our favorite #Starbucks in Virginia Beach. Shaggy unkempt grey long hair and a big smile and always a joke usually at my expense, mostly, LOL ! but Mark cares genuinely about others and thought he was caring for himself also, with daily gym visits, telling us about how many yards he rowed or how many sets of weights he lifted, not boastfully, but because he has a strong mindset, willing to push himself. Kudos to Mark and Semper Fidelis, which as Mark explained means, always faithful !

A strong willed 72 year old, Mark was stubborn and repetitive so we talked about training for best effect for his body and mind. But, still Mark smoked and reeked of smoke, which even makes his son wretch!

So I wanted to help Mark become healthier and as he gets on-board with a healthier lifestyle built from daily BEMER use, more good water, optimal exercise and soon no more smoking, we will see a remarkable transformation.

I will keep posting about Mark and his changes in the coming 8 weeks as we go through the BEMER Basic Program. Visit us regularly for #Markupdates

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Care Needs Assessment via remote evaluation

Our goal is to have some clear guidelines for helping to evaluate elderly or other people who might require their care needs to be assessed prior to asking for a formal healthcare (NHS) “Care Needs Assessment”. Reasons for this may be the need or desire to take care of someone, a relative or a friend. But before a formal care needs assessment is done, there is a period of time when you might think that the person’s health is slowly changing for the worst, declining either physically, cognitively or both due to disease, inactivity or sickness. It is in this period that decline is slow but most likely measurable nonetheless. This measurability is why we developed this matrix, or series of matrices, so that a regular, measurable, quantifiable baseline and health decline slope can be calculated and a personal health care plan can be created. At first this plan is more about the assessment based on the criteria listed, than it is about what action to take as this lives in the realm primarily of the healthcare professionals. But the key is that we have a process to help us to help our friends and family and most importantly a way to identify when that person really does need a medical review. This is very important especially when the people you are concerned about have no local family to provide support.

CRITERIA Feb 18 Apr 18 Jun 18  
Sleeping appropriate length and quality        
Prepare and eat food and drink        
Maintain healthy daily routine        
Take medications as prescribed        
Maintain personal hygiene, such as being able to wash yourself and shower        
Maintain cleanliness of clothing        
Use the toilet        
Dress appropriately – for example, during cold weather        
Move around your home safely, including getting into it from outside        
Keep the home clean and safe        
Keep in touch with friends and family to avoid loneliness or isolation        
Caring for plants at home        
Caring for garden plants        
Access and engage in social events        
Safely use necessary facilities or services in the local community, including public transport and recreational facilities        
PERSONAL CRITERIA Feb 18 Apr 18 Jun 18  
Visit Waitrose daily (M-S)        
Attend Railway Club monthly on Fridays        
Attend weekly railway group video nights (Wednesdays)        
Keep in touch with Paul, David, Heather        
Keep in touch with old friends like best man, railway friends,        
Replacing the table flowers        
Caring for garden plants on balconies        
Visit local café weekly        
Attend all scheduled doctor appointments        
Attend consultant appointments        
Attend the barber monthly or so        
Visit chiropodist as needed        
Catch the bus to Gosport High Street      

The Women’s Endurance Summit

Wow! What a lot of great information by some excellent speakers. This seminar, put on by USATF as a level-3 Coaches seminar on women’s endurance running was a great success. Covering topics like biomechanics and form analysis, using latest tools like “Coaches Eye” to easily record video and quickly analyze. I will be trying this out to replace Kinovea that we currently use and will keep you posted. Dr Sarah Hickman – a mental toughness program for endurance athletes and who doesn’t need that during your Ironman or marathon, it’s what separates the winners from the finishers! Be in the present when racing don’t dwell on past and don’t try to predict the future, just be mindful – determine your own mantra and use it when the going gets tough. Suffering is part of the sport and maybe the reason we do this anyway! ( Thoughts on that?) Seeing pressure as something to embrace, gather-in and use to aid your performance against all others is very powerful. Check out this BBC short movie Encourage athletes to control the controllable, eliminate doubt and have conviction of your own belief – as Michael Johnson says he is about to go into battle! How about Nutrition as a topic for women in endurance sports? A huge subject and with 3 speakers talking on the topic obviously an important one – Nutrition and the latest topics on Eating Disorders and the female triad – Low Energy Availability (LEA) through disordered eating, Menstrual dysfunction and Low bone mineral density. Several tools exist for calculating LEA where energy balance is below normal or less than 30 Kcal/kg/FFM (Fat Free body Mass) and the problems associated with this low level of food intake. Risk assessment tools can be used if you suspect LEA but a simple way is to look at BMI <17.5kg/m² We focused the discussions on LEA or and the problems that diets with insufficient calories pose for anyone training for endurance events. The discussion on diets continued with Dr Damion Martins, Mary Finckenor CSSD and Sage Rowntree PhD all contributing to the discussion about types of diet and their value in endurance sports – bottom line is a quote from Michael Pollan – “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”
Plenty of advice on eating carbohydrate – consensus at this seminar is please do but protein and good fats are also vital, well that’s nothing new! For those who just can’t get enough of the latest drink – Coconut Water – be aware that as an electrolyte drink it lacks salt, so add a pinch, simple eh! And Whey protein gets a big with valine, leucine and isoleucine an excellent source for recovery drinks, the leucine-cascade supports muscle synthesis faster than other protein sources. Designer Whey is one choice Fish oil got the other big thumbs up from all of the nutrition expertise 1000mg of Omega 3 from good sources like Solgar, Nature Made. So if you want to advise on supplements start with these 3 – Vitamin D3, Omega 3 1000mg (EPA+DHA) daily and Whey protein after a “hard” training session. You define hard and don’t be afraid of it. Wendy Winn Rhodes gave us 4 hours of her time to discuss rehabilitation and form, Wendy is a New York PT specializing in video running analysis and how to become a more efficient runner. Pain is not normal yet so many of the athletes who come to us have pain and need support from us and our network of therapists. Often just some Trigger Point Therapy can help and they can do this themselves or come to us. Simple massage or using The Stick or a TP Roller can help people manage their training stresses as manifested in the muscles and connective tissue. Hip and ankle joints dysfunction can easily derail any training program and lead to stress fractures and other debilitating injuries, when simple massage and trigger point therapy can help immediately. Core control is a BIG ONE and distance runners weak core combined with pelvic anterior tilt (butt sticking out – or “the bucket spilling forward”) leads to very inefficient running form and eventually to STOP and ARGH! Glutes are those lovely gluteals, maximus, medius and minimus and our dear piriformis so many problems with these 4 siblings. Run hills, do yoga, roll and release the hips and roll some more on a good foam roller. Strength and/or muscle activation as it is not always just lack of strength that causes problems, getting the darned things to FIRE-UP can be as much of a problem. So simple exercises to get glutes to work can be taught. Some interesting research on Olympic lifting for distance athletes is worth reading – Dr Brad Deweese physiologist at the USOC has had a lot of success with these techniques for development of power = speed. Finally the idea of running with a stiff leg <10ºof bend at the knee on landing to utilize the inherent energy stored in tendon like Plantar fascia and Achilles. The stiffer leg which means in my terms less “sag” on landing will improve efficiency by reducing energy cost per meter run. Drills like C-skips and double/single leg hops can really help people become efficient but also barefoot running on grass at fast speeds (10x100m for 4 weeks, 3 times each week). Running up and down steps (50-75 at a time) Keeping ground contact time to a minimum and this clip from NYC marathon shows what we mean – go to min 39:00 and watch – We finished with a lot of YOGA chat with Sage Rowntree who gave a free yoga class too early for me – I went running!! Getting the right type of yoga for the season is important: base – build – competition as the needs are different: recovery – strength – mobility. Just getting your athletes to balance on one leg and see if they have imbalances – can they even do this very simple drill. Yoga for runners – . The MYRTL routine is another great idea from Jay Johnson. It doesn’t  have to be difficult to be good for you! All said a really good two days of information, discussion and experts well worth the 14 hours driving!
It wasn’t all work!

NEW YEAR – Doing too much too soon

It’s the new year and a new you! Take care out there as we all set out on our quests to be better, stronger, faster and probably skinnier! I posted about the risks of under-eating and the risks for us all of RED-S (relative energy deficiency syndrome). Intake of sufficient nutrients is important for athlete performance so you should ensure that you are getting what you need to thrive not just survive. Check with a Registered Dietitian for specific advice and make sure to drink good water when thirsty.

TRAINING in the New year:

Consider where you are starting from and if you didn’t exercise much in 2017 then it’s clear that you are starting from a low level of aerobic fitness and probably strength.

Start by improving strength and mobility with simple classes at the gym or even just climbing stairs! It can be that simple. Strong muscles help protect the joints and enable more vigorous exercise. Build weekly on what you have achieved in the previous week by adding weights and moving more, 10-15% more each week is plenty.

If you train a lot already consider how much recovery time and sleep you need and make sure to get it. Adaption to training takes place during rest and recovery. Good nutrition makes it all possible.

Small increases in training load lead to more effective adaption and a lower injury risk so no matter your level of experience, small adjustments make for greater season’s gains.

Reach for the stars in 2018 and you will get to where you want to go. Just don’t try to get there by January 31. Have a great 2018, enjoy greater fitness and health.

Dai Roberts – IRONMAN Certified Coach

Independent BEMER Distributer

RED-S Nutrient Deficiencies for Athletes

As we approach another year and those great resolutions kick in there are some risks especially for athletes. Too much too soon is the biggest risk and more of that in another post this week but as we hurriedly go on diets avoiding all sorts of nutritionally valuable foods, RED-S (used to be called the Female triad)  is all about energy availability and potential eating disorders and is a risk as we increase training while reducing nutritious intake. 
Energy deficiency in athletes has several effects and is a good reason to eat and drink well during training and racing. Thinking about food and drink as fuel for the muscles, brain and spirit is one way to ensure adequate focus on this broad topic. Appropriate fuel intake before-during-after training can help to replenish-restore-rebuild each of us who chose the athletes way. Appropriate types-timings-quantities of fuel can help prevent several disorders including:
– Slow metabolic rate
– Menstrual disorders
– Bone health issues
– Impaired immunity
– And support cardiovascular health
Energy Availability = Energy Intake – Energy Cost of Exercise and is the amount of unused dietary energy after subtracting energy cost of training. 


LCHF Review some basics on this dietary latest

Low Carbohydrate diets are not new having begun with the so called Banting Diet in London where a highly nutritious diet of offal, meat, fats and very little carbohydrates and sugars was found to reduce body fat in overweight subjects without reducing capacity to function or exercise. The idea that we need carbohydrates is being seriously challenged by this #LCHF movement led by several prominent doctors, scientists and physiologists including Prof Jeff Volek, Prof Tim Noakes and more. So how does this way of eating benefit you the athlete? Lower body fat, more balanced energy, lower insulin responses, more energy and a feeling of strength are some of the claims and results seen in a wide range of trials, tests and observational studies. But does it work, well of course the #LCHF pundits will say so and by all accounts the published results are very enlightening evening for @IRONMAN athletes and people in training. So try it you might like it, but is it that easy. Well you need to become fat adapted first so that you start to use #ketones as fuel in place of sugars. Can this prevent bonking especially in distances over 2 hours.

BEMER is not a PEMF device

BEMER – what is it and how to categorize it?

BEMER is an officially authorized medical device in the EU (CE0483) of the class IIa (93/42/EEC) and in the USA as an FDA class 1 medical device with class 2 approval pending. BEMER products are sold and in use in over 40 countries. Alongside Europe, BEMER products are state-approved medical devices in several countries in South America and Asia.

The BEMER system operates the unique BEMER-specific signal, a worldwide patented 10 and 30 Hertz complex signal that is proven in multiple tests to provide the most effective stimulation for your circulation. This special signal is transported into the body by an electromagnetic field. Thus, the BEMER signal is the “active ingredient”, not the electromagnetic field.

PURPOSE of BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy equipment is to increase the limited frequency of contraction of small and very small precapillary arterial blood vessels (<100 microns), thus improving blood distribution in the capillary network of the microcirculation. The electromagnetic fields generated by a weakly pulsating special multidimensional signal configuration, the BEMER products are suitable for stimulating the vasomotor (rhythmic contraction) of small and very small blood vessels in living organisms.

By way of bio-rhythmic modulations, somewhat larger blood vessels in the surrounding tissue are also affected synergistically. This results in a more favorable micro-circulatory blood flow. The results: improved function of the natural regulatory mechanisms, strengthening of the immune system, better production of the body’s antioxidants and an influence on protein synthesis. The BEMER technology can be used to provide alleviation of conditions. It causes an improvement of the micro-circulation and thus helps obtain a significant therapeutic effect in living organisms. Restricted or impaired micro-circulation of organs is now stimulated even better in the BEMER PRO and CLASSIC therapy systems. has been manufacturing the BEMER device and system of applicators for 19 years in Lichtenstein, a German-speaking, 15-mile-long principality between Austria and Switzerland and 2018 marks the company’s 20th Anniversary.

Over the last 15 years, there have been 46 publications about BEMER therapy and four scientific studies listed in PubMed


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BEMER – in the USA

BEMER has been with us since about 2010 when one intrepid soul bought a BEMER in Switzerland while on vacation and brought it back to the US west coast. Since then interest has grown to about 35,000 independent distributors in the USA. BEMER is currently approved as a Class 1 Medical Device ( FDA reg # 3006518427)  in the United States with Class 2 Device Registration in process.. In many other countries, BEMER has the equivalent of a Class 2A FDA registration and in Europe classified as an officially authorised medical device in the EU (CE0483) of the class IIa (93/42/EEC). During the past 15 years, there have been 46 publications about BEMER therapy and four scientific studies listed in PubMed ( I also have a document listing all the relevant BEMER links if you want a copy, please message me. +1 757 389 2284 or email

B-BODY 2017
Using B-BOX Pro

SO JUST WHAT IS BEMER PRO: A non invasive, state-of-the art bio-electromagnetic therapy device that pulses therapeutic electro-magnetic frequencies (10 and 30Hz) throughout the body using a patented pulsed signal to increase microcirculation and thus delivery of nutrients and removal of metabolic waste products. The BEMER is the most researched, and documented energy device of its kind. At the Institute of Microcirculation in Berlin, researchers have shown the BEMER medical device will increase circulation and energy production in the body by increasing vasomotion in the capillaries and veinules/arterioles.

HISTORY: BEMER is the Bio-Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulation device, the key word being regulation. Developed in 1992 by a German physicist and physiologist named Professor Wolf Kafka. Professor Kafka worked for NASA for many years. It was out of NASA studies that the BEMER had its beginnings. Now it is manufactured in Liechtenstein. It has been sold in over 50 countries world wide. In many of those countries it is used in hospitals and clinics as an approved medical device.

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