RED-S Nutrient Deficiencies for Athletes

As we approach another year and those great resolutions kick in there are some risks especially for athletes. Too much too soon is the biggest risk and more of that in another post this week but as we hurriedly go on diets avoiding all sorts of nutritionally valuable foods, RED-S (used to be called the Female triad)  is all about energy availability and potential eating disorders and is a risk as we increase training while reducing nutritious intake. 
Energy deficiency in athletes has several effects and is a good reason to eat and drink well during training and racing. Thinking about food and drink as fuel for the muscles, brain and spirit is one way to ensure adequate focus on this broad topic. Appropriate fuel intake before-during-after training can help to replenish-restore-rebuild each of us who chose the athletes way. Appropriate types-timings-quantities of fuel can help prevent several disorders including:
– Slow metabolic rate
– Menstrual disorders
– Bone health issues
– Impaired immunity
– And support cardiovascular health
Energy Availability = Energy Intake – Energy Cost of Exercise and is the amount of unused dietary energy after subtracting energy cost of training. 


LCHF Review some basics on this dietary latest

Low Carbohydrate diets are not new having begun with the so called Banting Diet in London where a highly nutritious diet of offal, meat, fats and very little carbohydrates and sugars was found to reduce body fat in overweight subjects without reducing capacity to function or exercise. The idea that we need carbohydrates is being seriously challenged by this #LCHF movement led by several prominent doctors, scientists and physiologists including Prof Jeff Volek, Prof Tim Noakes and more. So how does this way of eating benefit you the athlete? Lower body fat, more balanced energy, lower insulin responses, more energy and a feeling of strength are some of the claims and results seen in a wide range of trials, tests and observational studies. But does it work, well of course the #LCHF pundits will say so and by all accounts the published results are very enlightening evening for @IRONMAN athletes and people in training. So try it you might like it, but is it that easy. Well you need to become fat adapted first so that you start to use #ketones as fuel in place of sugars. Can this prevent bonking especially in distances over 2 hours.

BEMER is not a PEMF device

BEMER – what is it and how to categorize it?

BEMER is an officially authorized medical device in the EU (CE0483) of the class IIa (93/42/EEC) and in the USA as an FDA class 1 medical device with class 2 approval pending. BEMER products are sold and in use in over 40 countries. Alongside Europe, BEMER products are state-approved medical devices in several countries in South America and Asia.

The BEMER system operates the unique BEMER-specific signal, a worldwide patented 10 and 30 Hertz complex signal that is proven in multiple tests to provide the most effective stimulation for your circulation. This special signal is transported into the body by an electromagnetic field. Thus, the BEMER signal is the “active ingredient”, not the electromagnetic field.

PURPOSE of BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy equipment is to increase the limited frequency of contraction of small and very small precapillary arterial blood vessels (<100 microns), thus improving blood distribution in the capillary network of the microcirculation. The electromagnetic fields generated by a weakly pulsating special multidimensional signal configuration, the BEMER products are suitable for stimulating the vasomotor (rhythmic contraction) of small and very small blood vessels in living organisms.

By way of bio-rhythmic modulations, somewhat larger blood vessels in the surrounding tissue are also affected synergistically. This results in a more favorable micro-circulatory blood flow. The results: improved function of the natural regulatory mechanisms, strengthening of the immune system, better production of the body’s antioxidants and an influence on protein synthesis. The BEMER technology can be used to provide alleviation of conditions. It causes an improvement of the micro-circulation and thus helps obtain a significant therapeutic effect in living organisms. Restricted or impaired micro-circulation of organs is now stimulated even better in the BEMER PRO and CLASSIC therapy systems. has been manufacturing the BEMER device and system of applicators for 19 years in Lichtenstein, a German-speaking, 15-mile-long principality between Austria and Switzerland and 2018 marks the company’s 20th Anniversary.

Over the last 15 years, there have been 46 publications about BEMER therapy and four scientific studies listed in PubMed


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BEMER – in the USA

BEMER has been with us since about 2010 when one intrepid soul bought a BEMER in Switzerland while on vacation and brought it back to the US west coast. Since then interest has grown to about 35,000 independent distributors in the USA. BEMER is currently approved as a Class 1 Medical Device ( FDA reg # 3006518427)  in the United States with Class 2 Device Registration in process.. In many other countries, BEMER has the equivalent of a Class 2A FDA registration and in Europe classified as an officially authorised medical device in the EU (CE0483) of the class IIa (93/42/EEC). During the past 15 years, there have been 46 publications about BEMER therapy and four scientific studies listed in PubMed ( I also have a document listing all the relevant BEMER links if you want a copy, please message me. +1 757 389 2284 or email

B-BODY 2017
Using B-BOX Pro

SO JUST WHAT IS BEMER PRO: A non invasive, state-of-the art bio-electromagnetic therapy device that pulses therapeutic electro-magnetic frequencies (10 and 30Hz) throughout the body using a patented pulsed signal to increase microcirculation and thus delivery of nutrients and removal of metabolic waste products. The BEMER is the most researched, and documented energy device of its kind. At the Institute of Microcirculation in Berlin, researchers have shown the BEMER medical device will increase circulation and energy production in the body by increasing vasomotion in the capillaries and veinules/arterioles.

HISTORY: BEMER is the Bio-Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulation device, the key word being regulation. Developed in 1992 by a German physicist and physiologist named Professor Wolf Kafka. Professor Kafka worked for NASA for many years. It was out of NASA studies that the BEMER had its beginnings. Now it is manufactured in Liechtenstein. It has been sold in over 50 countries world wide. In many of those countries it is used in hospitals and clinics as an approved medical device.

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BEMER – the modern way for medicine

Proven Effects of BEMER Therapy – Real Science – AVAILABLE from us already. – ASK US NOW

When exposed to the BEMER patented signal , the resulting measurable, crucial physiological have been scientifically proven:

  • 29% Improved blood microcirculation. More capillaries are open to carry blood. The Microcirculation Institute in Berlin maintains that there is no other therapy improves blood circulation like BEMER
  • 29% Improved oxygen extraction
  • 31% Increased back flow
  • 29% Increase in ATP production, the energy component of the cell
  • Optimised cohesive behaviour of ICAM-1 (leukocytes) therefore optimised immune response
  • Normalised (70 – 90mV) electrical potential of cell membrane ions channels to function optimally
  • Improved removal of body poisons and toxins
  • Significantly improves the partial oxygen pressure
  • Improves red blood properties by separating the red blood cells that tend to stick together, preventing the blood from flowing through open capillaries
  • Improves the individual cell’s metabolism (i.e. acidity levels and menbrane voltage potential) hence improving the cells proper functioning
  • Improved elasticity of blood vessels
  • Rapid wound healing and regeneration including increased bone density
  • Stimulation of nerve pulse transmission
  • Stimulates NO mechanism which acts as a vasodilator
  • Optimise the release of HSP70 which synthesize repair proteins

These are also the most important parameters in Intensive Care Units, as their improvement promotes healing. These physiological changes improve cellular health. Organs can function optimally and the body is enabled to heal itself by the strengthening the immune system. It can then better recognize & destroy, or dismantle abnormal cells that are not functioning properly.

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Nutrition in nursing homes in UK

Recently mum/mom was admitted to a nursing home in Hampshire after a 3-4 week stay in Queen Alexandra’s hospital, Portsmouth. Mum has an advance form of lung cancer and so is in the nursing home for palliative care as there are no treatment options for her. Staying strong as possible is essential when sick I will argue and really there are no arguments against it! Immune system, muscles, brain all rely on good nutrition to function properly, after all we all know the story about the guy who ate at Macdonalds for all his meals and almost died as a result due to very poor health and this is just an example not intended to single out any fast food joint. So in a nursing home it is even more important or maybe critical for end of life patients to receive optimal nutrition and adequate hydration, so why don’t they? Or at least in mom’s case why wasn’t she? Only intervention by family members forced the home to adjust her diet and provide nutritious foods that she is capable of eating and drinking. A nutrition analysis must be conducted I argue for any patient of a nursing home and just providing a roast dinner – meat and 3 veg that requires cutting up, chewing and then digestion is simply not good enough even though you can argue that is a nutritious meal mum simply wasnt capable of eating it. However turn it into delicious soup and make a very small portion size and wow down it could go by the teaspoon or with a straw. Getting enough protein, fats, #micronutrients and sufficient calories is ESSENTIAL for health especially when dying from advanced lung cancer.
A recent report by Nina Teicholz published in the British Journal of Medicine highlights this point, Further, she writes that “nutrition is perhaps one of the most important and neglected of all health disciplines. Those in positions of power have traditionally relegated it to non-medical nutritionists.”
This link will add to the information provided and opens the door to a whole world of nutrition and is worth a read. Bot how do we get to the point where good nutrition is central to health care? For a start everyone entering a nursing home should be offered a nutritionist support and analysis of needs, capability and options for nutritional supplements to truly add to a nursing home diet.

MNF & DRG (Micro Focus Nutrition)

If we know the micro-nutrient RDAs and know the micro-nutrient content of virtually all foods and drinks then maybe we can focus on these essentials instead of going all macro each time we eat, what do you think?

What does this do for us though, if nothing then why bother working it all out, but if we can focus on the needs of the body and mind and the need to deliver essential nutrients then we can eat only the foods related to these basic needs and avoid the macro system of eating percentages or2016-08-14 09.11.07 grams of sugars, fats, proteins and instead provide vitamins, amino acids, minerals, water, phyto-nutrients and essentials like Vitamin D, Iron, Zinc and other essentials, whereas most of our high percentage sugars are non essential, so why focus our eating and drinking patterns on these macro-nutrients.
I do believe that we can do it and eat in a much healthier way with a system based first on the micro-nutrient needs and then when the foods/drinks are selected we will see if we are getting sufficient calories from the selected intake and adjust to get what we need when we need it.

Thoughts and ideas and opinions are very welcome.

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MNF – Micro Nutrient Focus: Update 1

Here’s what we have found, a great website and tracking system from the well renowned Dr Mercola and in this tracker you can see your nutrient intake daily. The tracker is called CRON-O-Meter and you can find the link at the bottom of this page and try using it for a day or two and it will learn what you eat and be predictive for you. At first it takes a while then daily food, drink logging is easy.  Already I can see daily what is missing in terms of micro-nutrients and can adjust my diet to add the missing  sources as the day progresses, so there’s not really any guesswork on a daily basis. Simply searching for the food sources that contain your missing micros will help you to adapt and adjust your daily diet to ensure full nutrient density.


If you are an athlete who trains for a significant amount of time daily then you can add training time/intensity and sport to the tracker for a more accurate assessment of calorie needs. I don’t think the tracker will take into account sweat losses yet, so you will probably have to include extra minerals/electrolytes to take that into account. It would be a nice new feature.


So far so good and it has identified a well known missing vitamin/pre-hormone, Vitamin D as deficient in my diet, so I can correct that knowing you can only get vitamin D from direct sunlight or pills. I also see potassium is low so I can search and find sources like sweet potatoes and now im eating pistachios for their potassium. When you get to the early afternoon you can see what you need for pre training or for dinner and adjust the menu to find what you need. Nutrient density of food is clearly higher in less processed or natural foods and this should be taken into account when looking at micronutrients as intake does not equal absorption. Eat whole foods for better quality foods and drinks.

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Dr Mercola MNF Focus tracker

Champions in the making

How do champions become champions at any level they chose or can get to? Is it basic genetics or can we coaches take anyone and help them achieve their very best and become champions? I certainly believe that with the right coaching guidance and support anyone can improve and make it as far as they want to – you just have to believe for one and then work your ass off to get there – no shortcuts or at least none that are allowed #cleansport #nodoping . But what is hard training and how does anyone support it? There is a myth I truly believe about “over-training” and I am prepared to support my ideas.

1. Doing too much too soon will usually result in injuries and excess fatigue, but that isnt  over-training.

2. Doing too much while “dieting” and I mean not getting the fuel that you need to prepare, train and recover properly to fuel training and life will result in muscle breakdown, fatigue and excess stress hormones, but that isnt over-training.

The human capacity for exercise is probably limitless if allowed enough adaption time, so that’s why we @DaiRobertsGroup use very personal and progressive programs and we always err on the conservative side of increases in volume or intensity to ensure no injuries. 20150916_153627Out of our 40+ athletes right now we have none injured and that includes many #IRONMAN athletes post racing and also racing hard at National and World level even they are not injured but still succeeding as evidenced with podium finishes and top 20 finishes in Omaha for National Triathlon Championships. #USATAG2016

Training right:

But back to over-training and performance on race days. If training remains progressive based on the individuals performance gains month on month and a 4 weekly training cycle is adopted with an EASY week every 4th week then optimal training is achieved. Of course there are outliers who can handle 5-6 weeks without many rest days but these are our top athletes and usually young and very efficient and so able to cope with more and also usually with less life stresses.

Fuel for health and fitness:

Fuel to train is exactly right and restrictive-dieting while training is a sure way to under perform and get injured so eat appropriately and make sure to ingest the nutrients you need for your mind/body not anyone else’s body. Water and micro-nutrients are the true key to healthy training, whether iron, minerals, omega 3 fats, salts(electrolytes) and vitamins and other trace elements. SAM_0947Basing your fueling plan on the right micro-nutrients will ensure a complete diet and also will make sure you get the macro-nutrients needed from carbohydrates, fats and protein. We will discuss this in a future blog about MNF Micro Nutrient Fueling. 

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What gives out first in IRONMAN

After years of studying and coaching IRONMAN athletes a common fatigue theme is clear and it is called many things by different people and this plague and nuisance manifests itself as a shorter stride length. So what you say, well so what indeed, but who wants a shorter stride or even a stride that gradually gets reduced as the race progresses into the night. Is this a problem for the professionals, well I hope not as they have the time to resolve this issue but many age groupers might not, or so they think! But how important is this really and is it the only problem? Of course there are other issues associated with IRONMAN racing such as mindset, overall fatigue, gut problems, hydration, sunburn, altitude to name a few and we should look into all of these as we develop prescriptions for anyone wishing to race well. JUSTIN CALI 10But back to the shorter stride length and current ideas which have most recently been concerned with higher cadence running as it is considered by some to be the answer, the holy grail of running fast, but lets look at sprinters for a while, is it higher cadence that wins Olympic gold, not likely, it is rather deceleration rate ie whoever cannot maintain top speed will lose. As speed is directly related to stride length and cadence of course it is true that speed is a product of the two, but what generates stride length or cadence; muscular strength and strength endurance is the answer. How to develop this specific strength is the question and when?

Which muscles do we need specifically tho, well all of them probably need to be as strong as we can make them. But your hip flexors are key to stride length and these tire and tighten easily without correct strengthening. So during the post-season, pre-season and even pre-competition you should flex those hips! Simple – run steep 200m hills, perform Knee Drives with ankle weights or band/cable machine attached and you will see amazing results very fast. Of course for the marathon and IRONMAN you will need to do lots of them and keep doing them increasing resistance over time as you get stronger and then when it comes to race day, your hip flexors wont give out and thus your stride length wont end up with the “Ironman shuffle” with a 6″ stride length. So get them done, early and often.

Cable (or Band) Knee Drives. 3 sets of 10 reps.  Using a low cable pulley and an ankle cuff attachment, stand so that the cable has pressure, but not enough to whip you backwards. Drive your knee explosively up to your chest. Keep the movement controlled as you lower. Using band will give a different feel, and thus you’ll have to really accelerate the initial explosive movement. Make sure the upper body stays tall and this will work your core as well. HIP FLEXORS