More on Independence for Wales

Following on from a previous post, I wonder how much industry or revenue generating business is needed to be a viable independent country? How much investment from outside or how much borrowing? We will get onto this later and in other notes. But reading the information published by Yes Cymru and Plaid Cymru it seemsContinue reading “More on Independence for Wales”

Wales and Independence

A thought paper, part 1 – As we crawl our way towards independence for all, the independence to meet family, to not stay indoors, to not wear a mask, to visit the pub lets consider that in a few months there will be elections in Wales. One of the questions becoming slightly louder in publicContinue reading “Wales and Independence”

The Health Hypothesis – Environments

ENVIRONMENTS : Internal, external, physical and psychological environments are the petri dish of life. We are both within multiple environments and also our internal environment is within us and both are subject to cross contamination and exposure to the others.Sorting these environments into four basic blocks we have INTERNAL-PHYSICAL, INTERNAL-PSYCHOLOGICAL and EXTERNAL-PHYSICAL EXTERNAL-PYSCHOLOGICAL. Some ofContinue reading “The Health Hypothesis – Environments”


Following up from our earlier blogs about the 80-80% dilemma, if you choose a plant based diet and exclude all meat, fish, fowl and animal products such as cheeses, milks, eggs, algae, the question remains can you get enough fat that is required by the low starch, sugar, carbohydrate diet?  #LCHF does seem to haveContinue reading “CAN YOU GET THE HEALTHY FATS YOU NEED FROM A PLANT BASED DIET”

Plant Based and High Fat

So is this even possible? Having just watched the film/documentary “Forks over Knives” . I will explore this option as I also take account of the LCHF dietary option that also makes such good sense and with remarkable results on diabetes and other health issues and diseases. No added oils is a common theme, soContinue reading “Plant Based and High Fat”