The Health Hypothesis – Environments

Ocean changes

ENVIRONMENTS : Internal, external, physical and psychological environments are the petri dish of life. We are both within multiple environments and also our internal environment is within us and both are subject to cross contamination and exposure to the others.
Sorting these environments into four basic blocks we have


Some of the factors associated with health will I am sure cross boundaries and we have a neat if complicated venn diagram of what affects us humans in positive, negative or not so positive ways.

With effects we are always going to have unintended consequences some are good/positive for health and some maybe not so positive. As an example, changing your external physical environment for another may lead to unexpected effects, so it is very important to do the systems analysis first before deciding to make changes. Analysis can only cover changes that you can imagine so there can always be unexpected circumstances, like a global virus for example after a decision to relocate to somewhere and now you are confronted with such a big negative and unexpected effect on your personal environment.


To explain health we must consider our environments as this is where we live, socialize, sleep, work, eat, play and function! I am really open to collaboration on describing the environments and so will begin with the EXTERNAL-PHYSICAL environment. Starting with AIR as a factor, that stuff we breathe, and the most essential of our needs and if only it were that simple that air was just hydrogen, oxygen, argon and CO2, as the link shows, AIR can also include organic dust, pollutants, ozone, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, particulates like metals, even the rubber from tires and there are few inhabited places without cars, motorbikes or trucks these days! So lets consider AIR as our first and possibly most needy part of our external environment, would anyone consider that AIR quality doesnt matter for health? Recent examples from 2020 are fires in Australia causing massive dust and pollutant filled AIR to breathe, or pollution in cities as far apart as India and England. So what type of AIR ENVIROMENT do we want and how do we measure that, ensure we have it, or do we have to discover clean AIR somewhere and move, ie change one factor in our PHYSICAL-ENVIRONMENT? This could get interesting as I said the simple venn diagram begins to get complicated with the factors included. 

Other EXTERNAL-PHYSICAL environment factors which we can consider next would include WATER for drinking, bathing, washing, cleaning. BUILDINGS and MATERIALS which impact your health and BACKGROUND NOISE levels. How about PEOPLE DENSITY in proximity to you? GROUND CLEANLINESS can be a factor for example in slums or camps with a dirty environment. ELCTROMAGNETIC FIELDS and the earth’s magnetic field affect us in some way and are external factors. 

Update 1 : Other factors I just thought of while out for a run yesterday are – LIGHT and DARKNESS alongside SUNLIGHT as the impact of these on the PHYSICAL and PSCHOLOGICAL can be profound. TEMPERATURE which is really an AIR factor. And what about PLANTS and GREENERY/GREEN SPACES. 

Enough already, more to follow as we delve into these topics of the EXTERNAL-PHYSICAL environment. And of course the cross-over with the EXTERNAL-PSYCHOLOGICAL environment will need to be correlated. 

Ciao, Dai


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