DAIONMAN – To shave or not to shave?

So we should start as always with a hypothesis:  finishing the @IRONMAN within the cutoff time.  It is achievable for anyone with the right approach, but to be successful (defined as perhaps podium in AG), a more determined and thorough approach is needed. So how did I get to shave one leg? Well let’s take a leaf from “Team Sky” where all the small things are said to add up to a big thing… and Froomy did win after all. I will first do some experiments to test the small things. Starting with the right calf or truly speaking the back of the right calf, it had to be shaved to determine if it would itch. So far 3 weeks later no itch – the secret, you might well ask? The aim is to reduce drag and improve aerodynamics so removing the hair is necessary and the beard trimmer is the easiest way to do this. Experiment 1 done!  Let’s move on. Some say that alkaline water (pH 7+) is better for you than acidic VB City water (pH 6-) but what is the best water to use while training to help with holistic stress reduction? Your thoughts please! I used @Evian water after much personal testing and have loved it. But what of the legs and shaving you might still ask, well we completed the experiment on the Thursday before the @IRONMAN in Lake Placid as we determined that 3 days before the race was optimal so we held a

shave down for speed party! Wine and local Adirondack beer with a great dinner and then the razors were out! Enough hair for a blanket! After 55 years to see bare naked legs, wow something else. And with the beard trimmer, no itch…in 3 days just enough growth for perfect racing conditions, we will see and if it didn’t work we will never know.

Oh as an aside all the guys had beards so they had to go too, the longest beard over 6″ of winter-spring-summer growth is no more, condemned to the waste bin and for the rest of us, neat trims to stubble; indeed a strange looking group. And the ladies, well they had no beards! Next thing toenails haha, short and pedicured. Must be close to race time. Lets get it done.

DAI face 2

Published by Dai Roberts Triathlon

Health and performance focused professional triathlon and running coach since 2010. Coaching runners since 2001. European AG champion and world championships AG bronze medalist. BEMER specialist and Independent Distributor. Coaching runners and triathletes of all ages from youth to world championships level. I trained under the IRONMAN coaching program alongside the US MASTERS swimming, USA Cycling and USA Track and Field program as well as UK Athletics. Lifelong learning, athlete centered and successful. Retired UK Military after 32 years service.

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