Probiotics for ultimate recovery

An experiment in recovery and the use of probiotics as a way to support immune system degradation post race or post @IRONMAN. But what do these “bugs” do for you and how many should you consume for great or optimal health and especially recovery? A good daily does seems to be around 80-100 billion live viable organisms with a variety of cultures as different bugs work for different people. But the question is will it help your immune system to repair after very hard or extreme training?


plural noun: probiotic 
a probiotic substance or preparation. a microorganism introduced into the body for its beneficial qualities.
Ultimate Flora gut care delivers 200 billion viable organisms for a 7 day rebuild program that is designed for repair to the gut and immune system after illness or even after extensive use of anti-biotics (which literally means – life killing!)  The over use of anti biotics is well documented and has led to several health problems but they have their uses clearly for health and reduction of certain diseases. Recent studies support the idea of use for recovery also a study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine showed evidence of reduced upper respiratory illness following use of specific probiotics.
Supplemental Facts

So we shall see as I will take a lot of probiotics of various strains following an @IRONMAN race this weekend in Lake Placid, New York. And then will let you know 🙂 have fun friends and eat to live!

Published by Dai Roberts Triathlon

Health and performance focused professional triathlon and running coach since 2010. Coaching runners since 2001. European AG champion and world championships AG bronze medalist. BEMER specialist and Independent Distributor. Coaching runners and triathletes of all ages from youth to world championships level. I trained under the IRONMAN coaching program alongside the US MASTERS swimming, USA Cycling and USA Track and Field program as well as UK Athletics. Lifelong learning, athlete centered and successful. Retired UK Military after 32 years service.

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